The National Blood Service has successfully trialled the automated speech recognition solution from SpeechStorm.


After guiding thousands of donors to make an appointment or handle a general enquiry, 89 per cent of participants said that the system was easy to use and 90 per cent said they would be confident to use it again. Speechstorm implemented its call  routing product and questionnaire builder to randomly select donors to gather their views and opinions on the new service, with an opportunity to participate in a short, automated speech-based survey.


Ian Hamerton, contact centre manager at the National Blood Service, who spearheaded the project to trial speech recognition as a service enhancement for his customers, said: “I was sceptical for some time about speech recognition and its appropriateness for our service but as standards improved and consumers became more accepting of using speech, I decided that it was time to offer the service to our customers in a continuing attempt to improve customer service levels. Speech recognition is a very powerful tool and service enhancement when used appropriately for the right processes.”


Oliver Lennon, CEO of SpeechStorm, said: “The real success of speech projects depends entirely on how well customers respond to and use the service. The National Blood Service has cleverly used speech not only on the front door of their business but they have also combined this with a random automated survey to get instant feedback from the caller while the experience is fresh in their mind.”