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Global cyber-crime-based economy worth over £1.07 trillion, finds study

The global cyber-crime-based economy has become a self-sustaining system and oversees the theft, laundering, spending, and reinvesting of £1.07 trillion by cyber-criminals across the globe, a study by Bromium has revealed.

Thales Data Threat Report: Increased security spend - in the wrong place

Some 78 percent of organisations polled The Thales 2018 Data Threat Report plan on increasing their IT security spending in 2018, up from 73 percent globally in 2017, and including nearly 86 percent of US organisations.

Security spend to rise to $100 billion by 2020, says IDC

IDC analysts are forecasting that by the year 2020, spending on security products will hit US$100 billion.

FT Cyber-Summit: Ilia Kolochenko - throwing cash on the fire doesn't work

High-Tech Bridge CEO Ilia Kolochenko advised a crowd at today's FT Cyber-Summit that we should all "keep is simple", as most breaches happen due to "obvious" mistakes.

Nine out of 10 UK organisations vulnerable to data threats

Eighty-nine percent of UK organisations feel somewhat or more vulnerable than they have been in the past to internal and external threats to sensitive data.

VC cyber security funding tops £850 million

A new study from US-based research firm CBI Insights reveals that corporate cyber security investments have risen five-fold since 2009, with 30 percent growth in the last year alone.

Recent hacks drive up UK security spending

Almost half the UK's top businesses have increased their cyber security spending in the wake of recent high-profile attacks like those on US retailer Target, according to new research.

Information security - within budget

Have you ever wondered why the chief information security officer or head of information security is often ostracised by the CFO/CIO/CEO during the budget allocation period?

Encryption spend increases as key management protocol is embraced

The future of encryption and key management is safe, according to Thales and the Ponemon Institute.