Splunk has announced the launch of the new version of its Enterprise Security Intelligence Solution.

Adding real-time event correlation, identity monitoring, enhanced incident management and the ability to access raw data for analysis, the company said Enterprise Security 2.0 builds on the innovation of previous product releases and leverages Splunk Enterprise software.

It said Enterprise Security 2.0 provides visibility into a broad range of IT events, including those that are beyond the purview of traditional security solutions but are increasingly security-relevant. The big-data engine from Splunk enables users to understand unknown threats, while the Splunk App for Enterprise Security provides the out-of-the-box security content that, combined with the core Splunk engine, delivers a next-generation security solution.

Christina Noren, senior vice-president of solutions for Splunk, said: “While more and more organisations are embracing the power of big data, many are ignoring the security threats that lurk within that information.

“Customers who use Splunk Enterprise to monitor and analyse machine data to gain insights into their operations in real time can use the Splunk App for Enterprise Security to monitor, identify, investigate and respond to critical known and unknown security threats.”