With the Premier League about to kick off, it is unsurprising that spam has already been detected.A report by Symantec has found a scam message that is being circulated that claims to seek football players for ‘Championship and Premier League' teams, an email address is provided for players ‘within the ages of 17-25 years old.'

Symantec said: "This is not the first time we have monitored scam messages targeting football players. Spammers employ these old spam techniques when the new season begins. Scammers are aware of the fact that transfer of players between soccer clubs and the hiring of new players is currently underway. So, they pretend to be FIFA's licensed agents and give helping hands to young upcoming players to sign contracts with various clubs.

"Interested players are asked to communicate over a separate email address provided in the mail. With this, scammers are seeking active email accounts to commit further fraudulent activity, or include these emails in future spam campaigns. Interestingly, the phone number provided in the fraudulent email has been used in many other scam emails from an earlier period."

With swine flu, Michael Jackson and Natasha Richardson so far this year, all it takes is a few headlines and spammers will use the trending topics to spread malicious links and spam emails.

Perhaps while it is surprising that there has not been a plethora of detected spam messages before the kick off the Premier League this weekend, I anticipate that there will be spam relating to players, the weekend's big results and scorers.

So could we see malicious links to ‘videos' of Robbie Keane's likely hat-trick on Sunday, Arsenal's probable defeat at Everton and underwhelming reviews of Manchester City's new signings. One can but anticipate what we'll see, both off and on the pitch.