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US lawmakers ask Mexican government for updates on spyware probe

Nine months after the Mexican government was found to be using spyware to spy on journalists, activists and HR lawyers, US lawmakers sent a letter to Mexico's US Ambassador, calling for a comprehensive and transparent probe.

Middleboxes in Turkish telecom redirecting users to nation-state spyware

Security researchers have uncovered how deep packet inspection middleboxes are being used either to expose Turkish nationals to nation-state spyware or to redirect Egyptian Internet users to ads and browser cryptocurrency.

Android spyware maker Retina-X's servers breached twice in two years

Retina-X Studios, maker of several Spyware apps designed to help parents and enterprises keep tabs on children and employees, was hacked again, resulting in the compromise of sensitive data belonging to users.

Social media and engineering used to spread Tempted Cedar Spyware

Cyber-criminals are using social media and social engineering to dupe victims into downloading Advance Persistent Threat spyware disguised as the Kik messenger app.

Spyware replaced ransomware as hackers' weapon of choice in 2017

While ransomware attacks on consumers and businesses slowed down towards the fag end of 2017, they were replaced by spyware campaigns which rose by over 800 percent year-on-year.

Elusive FinFisher spyware can finally be cracked, researchers believe

The elusive FinFisher spyware, which is used widely in covert surveillance campaigns, especially by oppressive nations against political opposition, could soon be cracked, researchers believe.

AnubisSpy malware steals data, seemingly links to old Sphinx campaign

A newly discovered spyware that victimises Arabic-speakers has been potentially linked to the 2014-15 Sphinx cyber espionage campaign, which was launched by the threat group APT-C-15 to target PC users in the Middle East.

StrongPity2 spyware takes over for FinFisher

The cyber-gang behind the now defunct FinFisher man-in-the-middle attacks has switched over to using a new spyware dubbed StrongPity2 and is now using several popular websites to conduct watering hole attacks.

ICYMI: Spyware; US data law; NSA tools hack; Games DDoS'd; Skills gap

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What's behind backdoor #3? Mac version of Mokes malware follows Linux, Windows variants

Kaspersky Lab today released an analysis of a newly discovered version of Mokes - a malicious, cross-platform backdoor with spying functionality - this one targeting Apple's OS X operating system.

AgentTesla campaign engages in cyber-squatting to host and deliver spyware

Researchers recently discovered a new spyware campaign that used cyber-squatting techniques to distribute the AgentTesla keylogger via a domain whose name was strikingly similar to the consulting firm Diode Technologies.

Kaspersky: ProjectSauron, aka Strider, rivals the most elite APTs in sophistication

The cyber-espionage group identified as Strider by Symantec researchers is as sophisticated a threat as any known APT in history -- including Duqu, Flame, The Equation Group and Regin -- according to an analysis by Kaspersky Lab.

Stealth Falcon spyware used on UAE critics

Circumstantial evidence suggests a link between the Stealth Falcon spyware campaign and the UAE government.

'Wizz' kids: Talos researchers pinpoint French firm as source of spyware-adware threat

A supposedly legitimate French software firm, Tuto4PC, has actually infected an estimated 12 million PC users with a generic Trojan disguised as downloadable utilities programmes, according to an analysis from Cisco's Talos research division.

Malware using legit certs to avoid detection, surveil users

Researchers have discovered a new family of malware that hides behind legitimate digital certificates and spies on the infected device.

Android.Spywaller spyware hits China

Symantec has discovered a new mobile spyware it is calling Android.Spywaller which uses a legitimate security tool to spoof its way onto a device, specifically those found in the Chinese market.

The com[dot]com extension again directing users to fake sites

A new scheme has been uncovered making use of an old trick: capturing users who click on a link with a com[dot]com extension that will lead to fake websites.

Boeing drone crippled by Hacking Team legal eagles

Failure to see eye-to-eye over a non-disclosure agreement kept Boeing subsidiary Insitu and Hacking Team from creating a drone/spyware chimera.

Russia adopts quantum computing to counter foreign spyware and sabotaged cyber-imports

Russian government agencies have detected foreign-controlled spyware networks in the country, and a host of compromised devices, leading to moves to adopt quatum computing solutions.

Son of Superfish, Lenovo bloatware variants start to surface

There are as many as a dozen variants of the Superfish bloatware found last week on Lenovo laptops, it has been discovered.

Is NSA 'World's most advanced threat actor' revealed by Kaspersky?

Equation Group, the most advanced threat actor yet seen according to Kaspersky, may be the NSA.

ICYMI: iOS spyware, car vulnerabilities and Outlook privacy

This week's ICYMI column reviews the top stories on SC last week, from an espionage group targeting Apple iOS devices to Internet of Things flaws and privacy concerns around Outlook.

Not so smart: Samsung's web-connected TVs capture conversations

Samsung's latest line of internet-connected 'smart' TVs capture conversations through its Voice Recognition software, before sending this information onto third-parties.

Prolific espionage group returns with iOS spyware

A prolific cyber-espionage group has been actively targeting politicians, journalists, military and other entities by using spyware against Apple iOS devices.

ICYMI: EU data protection, iPhone spyware and Flash zero-days

The latest ICYMI column looks at the biggest stories on SC this week, including worrying news on EU data protection laws, claims of iPhone spyware and new Flash Player zero-days.

Who could deny that spies now use covert spyware?

A good spying programme in the 21st century cannot exist without good covert spyware. So it's time to put a military discipline behind defending our state IT infrastructure says Ralf Benzmüller.

UK surveillance questioned as government publishes anti-terror law

The British government today published details of its proposed anti-terror law, and subsequently faced fresh questions on surveillance and the mixed messages given out to local cyber-security start-ups.

Detekt anti-surveillance software released

Open source software capable of detecting the presence of surveillance spyware has been released by four European and US human rights and IT organisations.

Darkhotel APT steals IP from travelling executives

A sophisticated cyber-espionage campaign uses Wi-Fi and a backdoor to trick travelling C-level execs into downloading "Darkhotel" spying software.

GCHQ 'spied on Germany's Deutsche Telekom'; Germans sell spyware

UK and US spies reported to spy on Deutsche Telekom in Snowden documents, while Germany's FinFisher accused of supplying surveillance software to repressive regimes.