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Strengths: Low-cost, easy-to-manage product with many great features

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: For its ease of use, extremely low price and its simple migration path from the free open-source version to full featured commercial version we rate this our Best Buy

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SSL Explorer Enterprise Edition is one of our favourites here in the lab. We use the open-source version as our VPN, and we have had great experience with it. This product brings together some highly comprehensive features in one easy-to-manage package to provide remote users with access to file shares, intranet websites, remote desktops and email.

This product is easy to use from installation through to configuration and management. The installation is done by running an executable installer program. We found that the program itself is so small we run it right on our domain controller. Once installation is complete, the initial configuration is done via a short browser-based wizard. All other configuration is done via the intuitive web-based GUI.

SSL Explorer offers a lot of functionality without the need for another appliance. This product can plug right into the existing environment, only requiring a machine running Java Runtime Environment, and can run on either Windows or Linux. This product can also plug into Active Directory for authentication purposes and group organisation.

Documentation is available as a PDF administrator guide via the website. This rather lengthy tome covers SSL Explorer from top to bottom, discussing everything from installation to advanced configuration and detailed feature management. Despite running to 428 pages, this well-organised guide is easy to follow and contains many screenshots and diagrams for further illustration and understanding of product features.

Standard support and updates are included for a year with the purchase of SSL Explorer. This means access to updates as well as office-hour phone and email help. Support and updates can be renewed for a further year at 25 per cent of the listed price. There is also a large support area available on the website, which includes a knowledge base, FAQ section and expansive user forum.

We find this product to be excellent value for money for almost any size environment. It combines a highly expansive and customisable feature set with easy and intuitive management at a cost starting at just under £200.