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Strengths: An easy product to set up, deploy and configure, with a lot of fine-tuning options

Weaknesses: Very expensive

Verdict: A product designed for the large enterprise, with some sophisticated features

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The St Bernard Software iPrism 100h appliance is an online web content management appliance using a combination of a URL database, user-defined policies and active anti-virus/malware scanning to provide blocking, filtering and reporting of access to websites and content. It can control access to IM and peer-to-peer applications, as well as control remote users who come in via a proxy or VPN.

We found iPrism fairly simple to install and manage. The initial installation and setup is done by connecting a management computer via crossover cable to the appliance and setting the computer to the predefined subnet of the iPrism. Once the connection was made, we had to install the management application on our computer and the application was able to find the iPrism through a broadcast. From there we selected the appliance and we were taken to a setup wizard. This was easy to follow and even helped us set up a default policy. All management is done through this application or via the web. Both methods are equally intuitive and easy to use.

Much of the fine-tuning and policy configuration is as simple as ticking a box and assigning the policy. Policies can be assigned using the already existing Active Directory users and groups through integration with the appliance. Profiles can also be created for using applications such as IM and peer-to-peer.

Documentation is in the form of a paper quick-start guide that details initial setup procedures. Other guides are in PDF format and include an installation guide with greater detail than in the quick-start guide, and the administrator guide, which covers advanced configurations and features. Guides include many screenshots and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

St Bernard offers 24/7/365 phone and email support, as well as an online live chat option to customers as part of an annual support contract. There is a free knowledgebase on its website.

Pricing is dependent on specifics, but can equate to c£25,535 for 1,000 users or c£8,510 annually - quite an investment for web content management, considering there is an annual cost. However, we find this product to be average value, based on its solid feature set and ease of administration.

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