Staff have been encouraged to be extra vigilant today as they may be prepared to drop their guard on April Fool's Day.


BlockMaster warned businesses that millions of employees with unprotected USBs are at risk of unsolicited viruses and malware.


As staff let their guard down to laugh at April Fools' jokes, BlockMaster claimed that hackers who specialised in social engineering and intrusion techniques, are poised to take advantage of the lack of care paid to network and USB security.


It claimed that there are 20,000,000 unsecured USBs being used in business today, and as 62 per cent of UK employees leave their sticks plugged into their computers when unattended, businesses are extremely vulnerable to malware.


BlockMaster CEO Daniel Östner, said: “The major threat facing businesses is malicious content which could be downloaded in an April Fool's prank on the internet or an email, infiltrating USBs and destroying intellectual property.


“Another security risk is if content is uploaded from an unsecured USB as a joke accidentally wiping or replacing critical data with viruses and malware.


“These threats have the capability of creating total meltdown for an organisation; proving that businesses must have security processes in place to protect their networks from the threats posed by unsecured USBs. Endpoint systems, such as port control will keep April Fool jokes outside the corporate network and standardising on a secure USB drive will keep all information safe.”