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Skills in security: Fighting the shortage - closing the gap

The talent shortage is widening. But, Kate O'Flaherty asks, what specific skills is the industry lacking and how can it fill the gap?

How educational psychology can change the face of cyber-security training

Training that doesn't take into account the way humans learn and consume knowledge is never going to work.The way cyber-security is taught in workplaces is that it's usually anything but academic.

Data disaster! What are your IP priorities? Ensuring staff are equipped

It is vital to ensure that employees are aware of and educated about a company's implemented security policy, know the best practice means of transmission and storage of corporate data, and have the tools they need to do their jobs.

News feature: Simulated attack, lessons learned on all sides

Learning by doing. If you don't have - and practice - a breach recovery plan, then a simulation exercise can demonstrate why you should have one, identify your weak spots, and encourage you to take action to plug the holes.

How your business can survive the cyber-security skills crisis

More than two thirds of companies struggle to recruit the staff necessary to defend themselves; the Center for Cyber Safety and Education suggests a workforce gap of 1.8 million by 2022. What can be done asks Jay Coley.

Ensure security employees quit without taking passwords, encryption keys

Departing employees is an issue not often considered as potentially affecting a company's cyber-security. However, an employee can potentially eave while maliciously keeping sensitive data including passwords, key codes, etc.

Can your employees identify a phishing attack?

Latest round of cyber-attacks underscore the need for regular security awareness training says Eldon Sprickerhoff.

End users plus social media can add up to a corporate data breach

People are the last line of defence in your organisation's security infrastructure, yet half the population are ignorant of ransomware, and many don't understand phishing, but trust that social media security is high says Colin McTrusty.

Supporting staff to create a more cyber-security conscious workforce

Security tools are useful, but as Edewede Oriwoh explains, we also need to support our staff within an overall cyber-security strategy where employees are engaged and involved and come to own some of the security processes.

Are over-confident employees to blame for phishing success?

Is security awareness training producing overconfident employees that are more of a threat than untrained ones? Davey Winder investigates...

Trick or Treat - 25 of the most ridiculous questions asked of IT security

"Do you have any insect repellent? I've been told my computer has a bug."

SC job board launched for information security professionals

Haymarket and SC Magazine launch SC Jobs - a new job site dedicated to information security professionals.

Cloud & DevOps World 2016: Sky CISO says staff training key to data governance

Sky's CISO and head of content protection, Philip Davies, explains why Sky's data governance strategy is focused on clear lines of communication throughout the organisation.