The first standards for the UK's human identity and biometrics industry have been introduced.

Skills for Security has spearheaded the introduction of National Occupational Standards (NOS) guidelines that will not only define the level of competence needed for a particular job role or occupation, but will be widely used to support individual and organisational development and quality assurance.

The guidelines will form the basis of a number of qualifications needed within the security industry. They were reviewed and approved by the UK commission for employment and skills and Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator.

Neil Norman, CEO of Human Recognition Systems, said: “Biometric technology is becoming increasingly diverse, and despite being a relatively new industry it is growing at an incredible pace in the UK and globally - analysts are now predicting 20 per cent growth between now and 2012.

“We see the introduction of National Occupational Standards into our industry as a landmark step - it is now of fundamental importance that everyone in the industry has a clear set of organisational, quality and vocational guidelines.”

Bob Doyle, commercial director at Skills for Security, said: “Europe is expected to have the fastest growing biometrics market by 2010 - and the UK in particular is emerging as a key contributor to this growth.

"It is vital therefore that we work closely with key specialist technology partners like Human Recognition Systems, OmniPerception and Core Systems to improve skills and raise professionalism across the security sector.”