State-Sponsored Attack News, Articles and Updates

Yahoo reports of new "distinct" hack, one billion users affected

Yahoo has taken to it's company blog to report of a new "distinct" cyber-attack which is affecting one billion of its users. They believe the attack to be separate from the one previously reported in September 2016.

New NATO report claims China's cyber-space influence continues to grow

A new report by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE) has shown a comprehensive overview of the evolving Chinese cyber-structures.

Twitter warns users that something bad may have happened, possibly...

The warnings are vague and contain little actionable intelligence, critics say, but it might be Twitter's way of telling the threat actors that they've been rumbled.

Twitter warns of state-sponsored attacks on its users

A warning email was tweeted yesterday by several Twitter users that came from the platform's network security staff.