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Stealth MXP


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Stealth MXP


£94.50 for 512Mb; £141.75 for 4Gb

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Strengths: Convenient for end-users to have an all-in-one device

Weaknesses: Installation can be a little confusing, but the quick start guide helps

Verdict: A unique offering with storage and authentication in one neat package. It earns our Recommended award

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MXI Stealth MXP is an unusual offering in that it features a USB-based token combined with a fingerprint biometric scanner that can be used for both secure remote access and storage. Like other offerings, it comes with server software (Access Enterprise). The application also works in a standalone mode when the software client is installed on the desktop.

The USB ID/storage devices range in size and we tested a 1Gb device, but up to 60Gb is available. The USB device we tested had a public partition set to read-only permissions, and the read/write partition requires authentication to the client first. In our configuration, a digital certificate file was stored in the read/write partition and the device protected this sensitive information. The client configuration can be combined with single-use passwords to provide three-factor authentication. It should be pointed out that no client software needs to be installed, but in our tests we used the client.

The installation of the Stealth MXP was a bit trickier than other products. It can be installed on Server 2000 or 2003 and also on several workstations. The integration into Citrix authentication was easy and required no additional knowledge other than some familiarity.

The quick-install guide was the only documentation we needed for our testing. Other documentation is in the form of PDF files. The documentation is easy to follow and logical.

Phone, email and the web portal are the primary mechanisms for contacting MXI for technical support. MXI provides basic support that includes general questions answered and support regarding product usage and resolution of issues strictly related to product defects. At an additional cost, MXI Security also offers advanced professional services to assist customers with product deployment, feature development, integration, assessments and general consulting.

The pricing for the Stealth MXP was at the upper range, starting at £94.50 for single units of the 512Mb version of the USB device. These devices include USB flash drives in addition to two- or three-factor authentication, which allows secure storage of data plus the security of multi-factor authentication.

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