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Saks, Lord & Taylor breached, 5 million payment cards likely compromised

Five million customer credit and debit cards offered for sale by the JokerStash hacking syndicate, also known as Fin7, likely came from records stolen from Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor between May 2017 and 28 March.

If ransom paid in Bitcoin Cash don't expect to get files back

A new ransomware attack called Thanatos demands payment in Bitcoin Cash, which contains a decryption bug that makes it impossible for attack victims to recover stolen files, reports security researcher Malware HunterTeam.

Data breach site adds 80M new records, updates 'Pwned Passwords' service

Data breach aficionado Troy Hunt has significantly updated his "Have I Been Pwned?" website in recent days, adding a data set of 2,844 breach incidents involving 80 million stolen records.

Hackers using sophisticated malware to target Winter Olympics organisations

Sophisticated implants such as Gold Dragon, Brave Prince, Ghost419, and RunningRat allow hackers to steal sensitive data from systems owned by organisations involved with the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Database aggregating 1.4B credentials found on dark web

A single file on the dark web with a database of 1.4 billion clear text credentials not only is the largest aggregate found there but it opens a trove of credentials to even the least sophisticated hackers.

Ex-NSA worker stole classified data, related to Kaspersky incident

A former NSA employee pleaded guilty to taking classified national defence information that was later stolen by Russian spies.

No takers for stolen NSA tools, Shadow Brokers rant

The Shadow Brokers Saturday posted a rant to voice their discontent over the lack of bids for the stolen goods.

How much does your stolen data go for?

There's one question that all business owners have asked themselves: "Why would anyone hack us?" The answer is simple, whatever customer data you have is of value and easily marketable.

Dell Secureworks reports on economic upheaval in the hacker black market

The black market for trading hacking tools and stolen data is still immature, as evidenced by wild price fluctuations as criminals try to work out the true value of their assets.

Hackers displaying stolen data available for purchase on YouTube

Intel Security's new report, "The Hidden Data Economy" reveals that hackers are advertising stolen information on YouTube and then selling it on common websites.

Gemalto findings released for first half of 2015 BLI

Gemalto has released results of the latest Breach Level Index (BLI) report that looks at the state of global breaches for the first six months of 2015.