Stonebranch has launched the Scribbos secure file transfer solution through its subsidiary, also named Scribbos.

It is designed for sending confidential messages or large files over the internet instantly. The company claimed that it is as simple to use as email, and unlike traditional email or file transfer protocol solutions, the Scribbos solution uses advanced technology to protect information from being compromised.

According to Stonebranch, it is the only business communication solution on the market that can be deployed as Software-as-a-Service, on-premise or as a mobile application.

Wolfgang Bothe, CEO of Stonebranch, said: “Scribbos is the consummate cure for every business professional's nightmare – compromised information. When your data is vulnerable, your business is vulnerable. The unrivalled flexibility that Scribbos provides is a tremendous competitive advantage for individuals and businesses of all sizes that require secure communications.”