Stonesoft has introduced a geolocation feature to its StoneGate management centre to show users the origins of network attacks and suspicious traffic.

Using this, network administrators can identify anomalous trends traffic and monitor the specific locations from which network attacks are originating. Geographical location representations are resolved automatically from the GeoIP database, which is integrated in the StoneGate management centre and updated along with its upgrades. Administrators can also specify geolocations for private networks and address ranges.

Klaus Majewski, VP of marketing at Stonesoft, said: “Abnormal or strange-looking traffic, together with the information provided by the geolocation functionality provides organisations with tremendous insight.

“Network traffic is known to follow specific trends, and the StoneGate geolocation feature is extremely fast to point out if inappropriate traffic originates from inappropriate locations, thus helping the administrator to validate between true and false positives.”

Barbara Bajer, head of network operations at the University of Paderborn in Germany, said: “Based on this information, we can quickly decide whether we should blacklist a suspicious connection or not, and we can also easily recognise a spuriously blacklisted case or a false positive. This has helped us to react faster, raise the level of our network security and save time and costs.”