Stonesoft has introduced the new version of its StoneGate virtual SSL VPN to offer secure, authenticated remote access to business applications.

Version 1.4 incorporates enhanced authentication via soft tokens and spike licensing - temporary licences used for increasing the number of users in emergency situations. Stonesoft said that the StoneGate SSL VPN virtual appliance combines the need for granular access to the corporate web and legacy applications with the secure and authenticated profiling of users.

Speaking about the authentication Ash Patel, country manager UK & Ireland for Stonesoft, explained that the intention was to give an enhanced security level and instead of carrying a hard token, there was token-based authentication that is incorporated into the appliance.

Marco Rottigni, SSL VPN product manager at Stonesoft, said: “Authentication is not just a matter of typing a username and password - instead, organisations should carefully plan how it is integrated with existing authentication systems.

“In many cases, solutions that provide access to corporate applications need to support extended authentication systems like federated ID or advanced single sign-on techniques for both web and legacy applications. These are just some of the key strengths offered by StoneGate SSL VPN.”

Stonesoft is also introducing spike licensing to all its SSL VPN appliances. Patel said: “This is in the case of emergency, in a disaster situation. It is easier to have 500 people at home than 500 people in the office, or with an epidemic there is a host of reasons why people are at home.

“Think of local government, it is highly important that a secure connection is made and one of the parameters is that they need to have all staff connected at all times, this is where this technology is needed in this approach, but from a commercial perspective it is the flexibility to get on and still be able to network.

“It is not just about the sales guy working remotely or the CEO and CFO working from home, it is moving a load forward to people doing business. There is no reason not to be working.”