Stonesoft has announced the launch of the Evasion Prevention System (EPS) to offer an additional layer of threat protection against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs).

A plug-in for the network which runs alongside an existing intrusion prevention and next generation firewall devices to give organisations an additional layer of protection, EPS can sit inside the security engine or be deployed as a standalone solution to any security infrastructure.

According to the company, it is embedded within its own IPS, next generation firewall products and security engine. Stonesoft also said that it has been tested against more than 800 million AETs and their dynamic combinations.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Matt McKinley, manager of technical services at Stonesoft US, said that EPS is like an infrastructure ‘patch' to mitigate vulnerabilities and to be deployed alongside existing solutions.

He said: “It can be deployed in front of the existing solutions and behind the next generation firewall. Therefore if something comes through the firewall and the IPS is deployed behind that, then with EPS you can put it in front of the existing IPS so it sees anything that it allows through.”

Ilkka Hiidenheimo, CEO of Stonesoft, said: “Network security vendors have patched for AETs where they can but for every hole patched ten more appear. Protecting against AETs requires a new kind of security device that can work alongside firewalls and IPS systems to normalise data and analyse it on multiple protocol levels.”

Yesterday Stonesoft announced the launch of Evader, a free testing tool that launches AETs against next generation firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Unified Threat Management products to help organisations establish the threat AETs pose to their network and business-critical digital assets.