Stonesoft has introduced the StoneGate FW-5105 firewall/VPN and StoneGate IPS-6105 intrusion prevention system.

The StoneGate FW-5105 firewall/VPN has four 10Gbps interfaces, 18 gigabit interfaces and the capacity of over 25Gbps. It is designed to meet the performance, redundancy and scalability requirements of large central sites, large VPN networks and data centres with thousands of users.

Meanwhile StoneGate IPS-6105 intrusion prevention system offers visibility and enterprise level inspection for demanding network environments,. It has four 10Gbps bypass interfaces and eight gigabit bypass interfaces, so it allows the inspection of several network segments simultaneously.

It is also capable of inspecting encrypted web traffic, thus eliminating the traditional blind spot in network protection. The new appliance protects both corporate network users and public web services against attacks hidden inside the encrypted web connection. Both appliances can be managed with StoneGate Management Centre, providing enhanced ease of use and a comprehensive view over network security.

Klaus Majewski, vice president of marketing at Stonesoft, said: “The StoneGate FW-5105 and IPS-6105 have been designed to meet the demands of large organisations and managed security service providers with unrivalled flexibility and cost-efficiency.

“For example, segmenting internal networks can now be separated into various trust zones. This is useful when trying to achieve compliance with payment card industry security standard or any other security standard that requires good network security and proper auditing.“