Stonesoft introduces new version of its management centre to further protect networks

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Stonesoft has announced the launch of the next versions of its StoneGate Management Centre.

Stonesoft has announced the launch of the next versions of its StoneGate Management Centre.

The company said that the new version of StoneGate offers a wide range of usability and performance enhancements that streamline the network administrators' workflows, as well as reduce the total cost of ownership.

According to StoneSoft, version 5.2, which comprises StoneGate Firewall/VPN, StoneGate IPS and StoneGate Management Centre, offers a range of enhancements in policies, monitoring, logging and system administration, as well as improvements in security and network integration. This automates many basic day-to-day tasks and allows network administrators to focus on fighting against new threats and deviations from regular traffic patterns.

It claimed that it features improvements in network administrators' workflows to make the management of large network environments easier, with the ‘type ahead search' allowing administrators to find correct elements in any context.

The Network Address Translation (NAT) rule links from the logs and NAT counters help administrators to find correct NAT rule entries that created those log entries and see if specific NAT rules are never used. This way unnecessary or unused rules can be deleted and thus the configuration rule base kept simple and usable.

Klaus Majewski, vice president of marketing at Stonesoft, said: “Studies show that most of the security incidents are a result of human error. Incidents result in downtime, loss of productivity and additional clean up costs.

“With the usability enhancements offered by StoneGate 5.2 we minimise, or even eliminate the possibility of human error. All Stonesoft products are designed with 24/7 availability in mind and now we can also significantly lower human error rate and therefore reduce network downtime to the minimum.”


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