Stonesoft introduces test tool for advanced evasion technique detection

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Stonesoft has introduced a tool and service to test against advanced evasion techniques (AETs).

Stonesoft has introduced a tool and service to test against advanced evasion techniques (AETs).

A method that prevents an attack from being detected, research on the AET was released at the end of last year and Stonesoft UK and Ireland country manager Ash Patel recently told SC Magazine that there had been complex AETs detected, yet victims had no idea how an attack had happened.

According to the company, the Anti-Evasion Readiness Test service leverages the StoneGate evasion testing software to test, assess and report security devices' capabilities to protect against AETs. It said that the service has been developed to meet the needs of organisations relying on network security devices like next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems with deep packet inspection.

The test service will be offered by service providers around the world and at the end, users will get a comprehensive test report about evasion detection and block rates on different protocol levels. The test report also includes practical recommendations and risk mitigation advice.

Klaus Majewski, director of business development at Stonesoft, said: “The first step to mitigating risks is to improve your understanding and awareness about the level of existing network security. The worst thing is to have a false perception of being safe or being dependent on vendor claims only.

“The Anti-Evasion Readiness Test Service provides organisations with an independent, realistic and definitive answer to the question of how well their network security devices protect against advanced evasion techniques.”


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