Stonesoft to launch military-ready resilient firewall appliance

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Stonesoft has announced the invention of a next generation firewall and VPN appliance.

Stonesoft has announced the invention of a next generation firewall and VPN appliance.

Named the MIL-320, it said that the appliance is certified to military level for high performance in extreme temperatures, wet, mud and dus as well as utilising Stonesoft's data stream-based normalisation and deep inspection across all protocols and network layers.

According to the company, MIL-320 offers protection against sophisticated attacks and includes a WLAN and ad-hoc mesh network support for resilient, strongly encrypted local communication links and data transfer between deployed units. The solution provides also unique features like the capability for using custom encryption ciphers from a connected USB stick.

Also, like all Stonesoft solutions, the MIL-320 has technology to detect and protect against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs). The Stonesoft MIL-320 will be available for shipping from the beginning of 2013.

Ash Patel, regional director of Stonesoft UK, said: “With the MIL-320, network security can now be made available at locations and conditions where this has never been possible before. The appliance differs from traditional enterprise next generation firewall/IPS solutions through its water and dust shielding capabilities, resistance to bumps, shocks and vibrations and wide operating temperature range.

“Moreover, the solution beats traditional military solutions with its unseen combination of the latest network security, centralised management and better performance. It offers also much better environmental protection, security and strong inspection capabilities and performance than traditional industrial solutions. In short, the MIL-320 is first of its kind and unbeatable, literally.”


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