Stonewood has launched a family of CESG approved encrypted solid-state drive (SSD) hard drives.

The company claimed that advantages, along with increased ruggedness and reliability for mobile and desk-based users, include fast data access, faster start-up and benefits in power consumption, weight and battery life.

The external drive is available with capacities of 160GB and 256GB and the internal drive is available in capacities of 128GB and 256GB. The drives are manufactured by Intel and Toshiba.

Chris McIntosh, CEO of Stonewood, said: “With 29 million people affected by data loss in 2009 and this figure set to increase this year, encrypting data has never been more important. SSD technology offers customers increased ruggedness, as with no moving parts it is inherently able to withstand more extreme conditions than rotating drives.

“Our Eclypt internal and external drives are the only hardware solutions to offer CAPS accreditation for military and government use, thus making them the most secure and reliable SSD family available. By launching this range we are providing an essential capability for our customers and it will undoubtedly be of particular interest to our military community.”