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StormShield 5.5


£41 per seat

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Strengths: A great price per seat for the endpoint protection mechanisms included in the product

Weaknesses: A little bit more complex to use than others

Verdict: A very attractive price point, granular administrative features and plenty of endpoint protection options

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StormShield 5.5 is an endpoint security software solution from SkyRecon Systems that consists of a backend management server and client agents.

The backend server is typically installed on a Windows 2003/2008 server and includes Microsoft SQL Express and an Apache web server. The management console must be launched locally from the server it is installed on and the Apache web server allows client endpoints to fetch the agent by browsing to the server URL. Agents can only be deployed on Windows operating systems at this time.

Installing the product was fairly quick and painless and the backend management is pretty impressive. There are lots of granular management features, such as role-based access control, authentication options to the backend, reports and logs.

Policies are configured using a check-in and check-out type of system, which locks the configurations until you are ready to manually alter them. The protection mechanisms available include: anti-virus, stateful firewall, encryption, application control, removable media protection, WiFi protection and host IPS. The solution can also perform NAC integration using its scripting features. These options present a very useful combination of signatures, rules and behaviour-based protection.

StormShield is actually very powerful, but it has a slightly steeper learning curve than most. The implementation of the features can be a little bit cryptic at times. Deploying the agent gets a bit tricky because it is an entirely different program, due to the implementation of various server roles in the environment.

A third interface comes into the mix, as you can fetch the agent from the URL of the management server itself. The agent comes in a professional, secure and AVP option, depending on the licence type.

The StormShield administrator guide contains all of the necessary information to get it up and running. However, the amount of pages in the guide helps to underscore that the architecture is complex and there are lots of items to be configured.

Standard support is included in the purchase of the product. This includes 8/5 phone and email support, as well as access to SkyRecon's extranet portal.

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