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From £30.80 - £52.50 (volume discounts available)

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Strengths: A good network protection suite, decent performance and ease of use

Weaknesses: Lockdown of external laptop ports would provide extra security

Verdict: A very scalable solution which provides well above average network protection

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StormShield Security Suite offers integrated system and data protection in a single product - integrating the following security services: device control, data encryption, application control, host-based intrusion prevention (HIPS), anti-malware, system firewall, wireless security and network access control.

While the signature-based technology supplements protection information, StormShield uses behavioural-based protection, providing zero-day attack protection without the need for constant signature or rule updates. It uses only a few megabytes of memory with all services installed and running.

StormShield uses a multi-tiered architecture, which consists of a deployment server, a management console and an agent. The offering only works with Windows 2000 SP4 and newer Microsoft operating systems. Multiple agents can be managed via SSL by the StormShield server in a many:1 ratio. Thousands of agents can be managed by one StormShield server, with 5,000:1 set as the preferred ratio, according to the documentation.

The installation of the product was straightforward and required no need for the documentation. Software for both the MSDE and .Net were already installed. No special hardware was necessary and the system ran fine on a Windows 2003 Server.

The only documentation that was included with the software was a quick install guide.

SkyRecon offers both eight hours a day, five days a week and 24/7 support. Standard help is included in the StormShield maintenance pricing at a rate of 18 per cent.

Support levels one and two are delivered to the end-user through the solution provider. Level three is provided by SkyRecon to the solution provider and then delivered to the end-user. Duration of the support is determined by the terms of the product licence purchased.

StormShield has a price range of £30.80 to £52.50, depending on the number of security modules enabled. This puts the StormShield offering in the very upper price range for devices tested.

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