The story behind our SC awards win: Duo Security

News by Georganna Simpson

The SC Europe awards are the industry's most prestigious - recognising excellence, technology and innovation in an ever-changing cyber security industry. So what does it take to win one?

Duo Security took home the award for "Best Authentication Technology" earlier this month at the SC Europe awards.

We talk to the brains behind the winning solution, the judges and our editorial team to find out why.

Why did Duo Security win? 

Duo Security’s solution enables organisations – of any shape and size – to control users coming into key applications. It enables them to authenticate who’s coming in. With their product, you can make sure the devices entering are up to a certain set of security and you can to control where they go. 

Anything else? 

Duo Security allows partners to blend their solutions into complementary vendors they already carry such as Palo Alto, Cylance, SailPoint. 

They integrate into all of these solutions, with a single sign on. 

How did Duo Security’s solution solve a client problem? 

Jay Clark is head of IT at Bird and he describes Duo Security’s solution as ‘fantastic’: "Duo is a very responsive team who are very educated about security risks. It’s a solution I have already and will continue to recommend to colleagues".

The award quotes

Richard Archdeacon, Advisory CISO, EMEAR, Duo Security:

"This award is extremely exciting for Duo. We’re very, very pleased to have won it. I think it’s a reward for all of the hard work we put in in order to make sure that our technology solution really works. And third party validation is really important to us." 

Sarb Sembhi, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed and SC Europe 2019 Awards judge:

"One of the reasons Duo’s solution stood out to the judges is it’s really easy to deploy. Getting it in and being able to use it is actually quite simple and that’s really important. And its partners are quite extensive, so you can implement it fairly well, too." 

Tony Morbin, editor in chief, SC Media UK:

"It both increases the amount of control the company has but it also enhances the usability for the end user so it's a very good solution on both counts." 


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