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A country of unicorns: Can we learn from innovation in French cyber security?

France is working hard to raise awareness of cyber-security and is focused on developing innovative security technologies, and has has already seen numerous successes and innovative cyber- security projects take off.

Attack is imminent - get "back to basics" - not just during CyberSec month

Patching and application control should be first on the list to strengthen your organisation against attack, but take a strategic approach, and don't just patch for the latest WannaCry, but for the next big attack too says Amber Boehm.

Collaboration is the key to driving IoT security innovation

Innovation in the IoT may be rapid, but security trails far behind. Nick Cook looks at why securing the IoT must be a priority, not an afterthought, and how collaborative action is fundamental to ensuring its successful future.

UK post-Brexit Digital Strategy criticised by cyber-security industry

The UK government's new Digital Strategy contains seven strands aimed at increasing Britain's post-Brexit competitiveness, with one strand devoted to cyber-security.

New cyber defence doctrine approved by Russian government

Russian Presidential Decree No.646 sets out a new doctrine of information security for Russia, the recognises the threat from foreign governments and safeguards privacy, writes our Russian correspondent Eugene Gerden.

ICYMI: National Strategy; NHS attack; NSA's secrets; Fraud report; Directors' liability

This week In Case You Missed it looks at: £1.9 bn for UK cyber strategy; Hospital hacked; More NSA leaks; Fraud attack league; Directors' breach liability

Industry reaction: UK cyber-security strategy

Reaction to the government's new cyber-security strategy - a bold new plan to bolster the UK's cyber-defences - has been welcomed by tindustry, but with reservation.

Slovak Finance Ministry drafts country's first cyber-security law

Slovakia is in the process of drafting its first cyber-security law which will address not only the security of finance and health but also critical utilities infrastructure.

UK schools must invest in online strategy and encrypt sensitive data

New research from Web Foundry that polled 1,000 parents of children of school age suggests that UK schools need to invest in their online strategy.

Bulgaria adopts cyber-resilience strategy

Bulgaria adopts a new national strategy to bolster its cyber-security efforts, reportedly one of the last countries in Europe to produce such a strategy.

Network security - Stick to the plan

Will Embrey argues that, to maximise its budget and resources, determining a company's network security strategy should fall on the shoulders of its CEO.

RSA EMEA Summit: Writing a security strategy that will make Vivaldi proud

Richard Nichols, RSA's head of EMEA strategy compared playing the violin to conducting an effective security strategy, to encourage businesses to harmonise security strategy and promote greater visibility of threats on the business.

Ukraine approves new cyber-security strategy

New standards and cyber-security strategy approved in Ukraine to thwart Russians hacking infrastructure as Russian software purchases halted.

Sensible Security and the Cloud

Tom Read points out key recommendations one should consider when reviewing their information security strategy

UK to develop cyber-offensive capabilities, says UK chancellor in GCHQ speech

In a speech delivered at the UK's centre of all things cyber-security, GCHQ, the chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne outlined a comprehensive plan for securing the online nation.

Keeping pace with an evolving cyber-crime landscape

Luke Brown explains why today's cyber-security strategy needs to focus more on data protection technologies and strategies.

French government launches national cyber-security strategy

The French government has announced a new overarching cyber-security strategy which it hopes will create a unified, cooperative approach to protecting government, commerce and individuals.

Living with the enemy

Preference for technical solutions, rather than organisational change is resulting in over-investment in stopping cyber-attacks rather than detecting attacks and defending data says James Henry.

Cyber-insurance: no replacement for locks on doors

Companies should build a holistic and forward-looking cyber-security programme capable of forecasting potential security threats and alleviating those risks before they cause serious damage says Piyush Pant.

What the next government's cyber-security policy should look like

The new government needs a new cyber-security policy as a priority - with sufficient resources - and drawn up by people with a good understanding of the issues, says Raimund Genes.

Cybersecurity requires stealth, patience and resources on a global scale

We must monitor cyber-criminal connections to follow attackers back to their source and have mechanisms − technical or legal − to stop them resuming their activities elsewhere says Neil Campbell.

RSA 2015: Time for a paradigm shift in cyber-security?

'Is cyber-security in enough of a crisis to need a paradigm shift?' asks Dan Geer, CISO of In-Q-Tel, at RSA.

Securing data where it matters most

Building a database security strategy is the first step for a company in ensuring security has been addressed inside out says Alan Hartwell.

Why diversify or die' doesn't always ring true

Kirill Slavin explains why focus can beat diversification in a fast-evolving market place.

Information security assurance from a resilience perspective

A holistic approach to information security is needed to overcome the shortcomings of a Risk Management approach says David Stubley.

Major cyber security mistakes and how to avoid them

James Solyom, head of cyber protect and cyber respond at Control Risks, examines how organisations can avoid making expensive mistakes that leave them open to cyber-attack.

The challenge for cybersecurity is to find leadership

The way to avoid management by crisis is by having a strategy, goals, and plans to achieve them says Jarno Limnéll & Lior Tabansky.