Study shows employees lack IT security awareness

News by Chandni Sembhi

Fewer than a third of office workers in the UK and the US know who to contact in their company if they suspect a security breach. This discovery is part of a study by security software provider, IS Decisions, which conducted the research as part of its launch of a new version of UserLock; which allows organisations to strengthen their defences against internal security breaches by implementing user access restrictions, network monitoring, and the ability to remotely lock, log-off and shutdown user sessions.

This research also found that 52 percent of people don't realise that sharing work-related logins can present risks to their employer. The lack of awareness shows a deficiency in effective training, exemplified by the fact that only 21 percent of IT professionals put insider threats in their top three security priorities.

François Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions, said “The fact that the overwhelming majority of office workers have no idea how to report a security breach is a very worrying statistic. It needs to be addressed, but more training or stricter policies alone are not going to solve this problem. Greater control handed to administrators to monitor and restrict allows them to reduce surface area for potential attack, but things like user alerts reminds users of why policies are in place and how they should be behaving on the network.” 

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