Stuxnet News, Articles and Updates

Stuxnext leaker pardoned by Barack Obama; Manning sentence slashed 80%

Instead of being sentenced, General James Cartwright, the man believed to have leaked the secret that the US and Israeli armies had developed the Stuxnet malware was pardoned by the outgoing Obama administration.

Iran investigating possible cyber angle on oil fires

Iran's Supreme National Cyber-space Council is investigating whether a recent string of oil and petrochemical fires were caused by a cyber-attack.

Russian government likely to be behind APT 28

A new report by Bitdefender has, at least partially, undressed the infamous group APT28 claiming that it's a Russian speaking group with a particular interest in government officials, defence companies and Ukraine.

Leaked D-Link security key allows hackers to disguise malware as legit

A leak of a major technology company's security key has been discovered, allowing hackers to convince Windows that their malware is legit.

Cyber security of industrial systems: the risks that lie in client machines

Industrial environments are becoming increasingly automated and interconnected, with control systems often networked over the Internet. This growing computerisation exposes industrial control systems to a number of threats - with potentially disastrous consequences, says Florian Malecki.

Stuxnet still a threat to critical infrastructure

Despite original attackers losing control of Stuxnet malware, it still poses a problem for organisations

US tried and failed to attack North Korea with Stuxnet worm

Couldn't deploy cyber weapons against Pyongyang

Stuxnet flaw remained unpatched for four years

In its latest 'Patch Tuesday' notice, Microsoft issued 14 security bulletins including fixes for the Freak flaw and the Stuxnet worm - which was thought to have been patched five years ago.

German iron plant hit by APT attack

A German federal agency has detailed in a new report how an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack physically damaged an unnamed iron plant in the country.

NSA, GCHQ or both behind Stuxnet-like Regin malware?

Symantec has discovered a new piece of customisable malware - reminiscent of the Stuxnet worm - which has been stealing data from governments, telcos, energy companies and SMEs since 2008. And experts say the threat actor could be the US or UK government.

Stuxnet 'an accident waiting to happen'

Stuxnet was targeted 'inside-out' not 'outside-in' infiltration of air-gapped system says new book.

19 million Windows PCs still vulnerable to Stuxnet zero-day

The Stuxnet worm is still threatening IT systems some three years after its role in damaging Iranian nuclear equipment.

SCADA systems: Riddled with vulnerabilities?

SCADA systems are essential to the smooth running of critical infrastructure but, as evidenced by the Stuxnet attack, they can be exploited through software and hardware vulnerabilities, and human error. But experts contest if they are really under threat.

Air-gapped PCs compromised with mobile malware

Researchers in Israel say that it is possible to use a mobile phone loaded with malware to pilfer data stored on air-gapped computers.

Multiple layers now required for effective security: report

"The AV industry has evolved beyond static signature technology" says NSS Labs.

Aggressive Wi-Fi attack malware developed - in a lab

New Wi-Fi malware has the potential to cause serious problems if it falls into the wrong hands, according to Professor John Walker, Nottingham-Trent University.

2014: "DDoS attacks can only get worse"

Leading security consultant says DDoS attacks remediation more complex than many would observe.

Chevron confirms that it was hit by Stuxnet in 2010

Energy giant Chevron has become the first US company to confirm a network hit by the Stuxnet virus.