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Data breaches already surpass 2007 total

The number of reported data breaches in the United States has already surpassed 2007's total, according to a report from Identity Theft Resource Center.

Medical identity thefts on the rise

Medical identity theft is increasing, in part because of the wealth of personal information available in medical records, experts say. And much of this identity theft is coming from within the medical community.

X-Force at mid-year: Cybercriminals get faster

Cybercriminals are adopting new automation techniques and improving on strategies that enable them to exploit vulnerabilities rapidly, a new study reveals.

Study: Security flaws threaten online banking

More than 75 percent of bank websites have at least one design flaw that could lead to the theft of customer information, according to a recent University of Michigan study.

Is Limbo 2 the ultimate trojan?

Prevx, an internet security company headquartered in Derby has discovered a new trojan designed to steal information from large banking institutions. Jacques Erasmus, director of malware research, told on Friday that the Limbo 2 trojan might be the most sophisticated trojan yet released.