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From £650 to £2,800, includes first year of support and maintenance

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Strengths: Very flexible scanning and policy options

Weaknesses: Slightly difficult to use at first

Verdict: A good performer with a lot of functionality, once you get used to using it

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Sunbelt Network Security Inspector is a network vulnerability scanner using a database of over 4,000 ranked multi-platform vulnerabilities. It can perform comprehensive vulnerability assessment without causing interruptions to machines being scanned. It not only detects vulnerabilities, but also shows how to remediate the threat by providing locations where patches can be downloaded.

Installation was simple and the installer came pre-packaged with the necessary prerequisites. After installation, we launched the console application and were almost completely set up. We found the console easy to use and intuitive to navigate, but the initial configuration can be a little time-consuming. It can do customised scans, so there are a number of options to be configured, such as authentication groups, vulnerability groups and so on.

Sunbelt Network Security Inspector has a great amount of scanning flexibility. The scanning policy can be configured with various discovery methods and be assigned to specific groups of machines. We also found that the policy wizard really streamlined setting up scans, as with a simple click of the scan button we were off and scanning.

Documentation provided included a quick-start guide and a user guide. The quick-start guide provided a simple overview of the product and its features, along with some general initial configuration procedures. The user guide gave a more in-depth look at the product features and advance configuration options. Both guides included many screenshots, examples and step-by-step instructions.

Both email and phone technical support is included with the purchase price for one year. After that, support is offered at a fee of 15 per cent up to 29 per cent of the list price for additional years and/or premier maintenance. There is also support available on the website, including a knowledgebase, technical documentation and product update downloads.

At a price starting at £650 and ranging up to about £2,800, this product is good value for the money. It offers a lot of functionality and flexibility at a fairly reasonable price.

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