Sunbelt Software has announced the upcoming availability of the next version of its automated malware analysis tool, CWSandbox.

Launched at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, Sunbelt has also announced the availability of its Exploit Feed, a new component to its Threat Track data service, which provides customers with feeds that identify and propagate the latest malicious URLs and malware to researchers.

The company claimed that the forthcoming release of CWSandbox v3.0 will give researchers the ability to compare multiple analyses for differences and similarities, allow them to send malware samples to multiple sandbox configurations and centrally manage the process.

Chad Loeven, VP, business development for Sunbelt Software, said: “Sunbelt has a long history of marrying its endpoint anti-malware tools with state-of-the-art threat research.

“Cooperation and sharing of such research in the security community is essential for the timely protection of businesses, federal agencies and consumers against the rising tide of malware attacks. SunbeltLabs is continually improving its world-class research methods in order to lead the effort to keep the bad guys out.”

The new Exploit Feed is one of the vital data streams maintained by SunbeltLabs. It tracks URLs deemed to be malicious based on a set of behaviour and code traits, and is updated continuously, identifying links to exploits before users can become infected. The URLs are passed through an array of ‘honeyclients' configured to detect any malicious activity.