Supply-chain News, Articles and Updates

Securing the supply chain: Why people are the key to managing risk

Organisations must begin efforts to secure the supply chain by first understanding their own position in it, and that of the multitude of "supply chains within supply chains" that may exist around them, managing that risk.

Ransomware - no excuse for sticking your head in the sand!

Ransomware: "what are your IT team and 3rd party suppliers doing about it?" asks Ken Gilmour. Do they have back-up processes that isolates business critical data for fast recovery? Are they responsive when it comes to patching?

Balancing digital good / bad - ensure visibility, take responsibility

Cloud gives certain tools. We need to understand as organisations where our core competence is and for many companies, it's not infrastructure." But he added that you do need visibility about what is going on.

Orange is the New Blackhat: show leaked as Netflix snubs ransom demand

Consumers are being warned to be wary of pirated copies of a leaked TV show which may contain malware, while organisations are urged to vet vendors' security more tightly.

Spoil software supply-chain hack attacks with preventative measures

Vincent Smyth discusses how the malware operation dubbed Kingslayer shines even more light on the dysfunctionality of endangering enterprises.

Vendor hiding supply chain cyber-attack gets uncovered by Krebs

Following the hustle and bustle of RSA 2017 in California, investigative reporter Brian Krebs digs deeper into a report by RSA which he claims tries to bury a major cyber-attack.