Surveillance News, Articles and Updates

Attackers can pull data from air-gapped networks' surveillance cameras

Researchers have demonstrated a way for remote attackers to exfiltrate data from and send malicious commands to air-gapped networks, using infrared surveillance cameras.

WhatsApp rebuffs government request for backdoor

WhatsApp apparently refused the UK government's entreaties to build what would essentially be a backdoor into its app earlier this year.

Anti-virus collects data without user permissions & uses commercially

A free mobile anti-virus app developed by the DU group, a developer of Android apps, has been found to collect user data without the device owners' consent.

Report: Without safeguards, Internet & IoT may create surveillance states

A catastrophic worldwide cyber-attack, the emergence of an IoT-enabled surveillance state, and the weakening of encryption were among the chief security and privacy fears expressed by experts.

EU says prior permission required to monitor staff electronic communications

Organisations will have to ask permission first before being allowed to conduct electronic monitoring of staff.

FBI malware compared to tracking device in interstate child porn case

A Texas federal judge last week ruled in favour of the US Department of Justice, rejecting a motion to suppress evidence obtained in the course of the investigation using FBI malware.

Baseball team used Apple watches to steal, transmit pitching signals

Major League Baseball investigators in the US have found that the Boston Red Sox used Apple watches to steal hand signals from competitors' catchers and pass them on to their own players.

The metropolis and security: Should the UK look to Israel's experience?

In addition to intrusion detection and surveillance hardware, technology decision-makers within major cities must consider additional technologies to ensure the hardware and tools themselves are protected says Maya Canetti.

Turla APT group linked to Gazer backdoor that spies on embassies

A previously undocumented backdoor program used to spy on foreign embassies and consulates appears to be the work of suspected Russian APT group Turla.

Malicious replacement touchscreens could completely compromise phones

Mobile users who substitute their damaged phone touchscreens or other hardware components with third-party replacements could be infecting their phones with malicious components.

Sound used to track movement via smartphone and laptops speakers

CovertBand uses high-frequency audio to place people in a room and track a person's movements using the speakers and microphones that are found in many smartphones, laptops and other devices.

If you visited anti-Trump site, the US Justice wants your details

The US Justice Department has pressed DreamHost to hand over what amounts to more than 1.3 million IP addresses associated with visitors to, the group that organised protests against Donald Trump on Inauguration Day 2017.

Spyware found in more than 1,000 apps in Google Play store

Android Apps on the Google Play Store have been discovered to harbour spyware originally created by an Iraqi developer. Surveillance malware records audio and steals data from users.

NSA tools used to hack hotels; WikiLeaks in CIA Couch Potato dump

Travellers to Europe and the Middle East need to be aware of an on-going malware campaign that is targeting hotel and hospitality Wi-Fi networks and being used to glean guest and corporate information.

UK also wants to be forgotten: new data protection regulation proposed

UK proposes new data protection regulation in line with GDPR for a post-Brexit world, including right-to-be-forgotten, heavy fines, and new rules on data gathering - expected in Autumn.

ICYMI: Crypto-crash; privacy shield; AI-weapons; Alexa, Swedish breach

In Case You Missed It: Rudd crypto-crash; privacy shield invalid; AI weaponised?; Alexa pwned; Swedish breach fallout

Amazon suspends sales of Blu Android phones amid spyware allegations

Kryptowire researchers reasserted their claims that certain Android phones manufactured by Blu sent sensitive information to third parties in China, claims which Blu denies.

Researchers pwn Alexa, turning Amazon Echo into covert snooping device

Older versions of Amazon Echo are vulnerable, and though physical access to the device is needed, this is more achievable with second hand devices.

Government again takes aim at encryption after terrorists shake London

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says that technology companies are providing a "safe space" for terrorists.

IPCC investigates police for alleged hacking of political campaigners

According to a report in The Guardian, London police are being investigated over anonymous claims they hacked emails of environmental activists.

US government issues formal apology over GCHQ wiretapping claims

GCHQ rubbished the claims saying: "They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored."

'No big surprise' says security industry in response to CIA data breach

The CIA breach is being described as the biggest "since Snowden", and yet most in the security industry have expressed that the view that "spooks will be spooks".

More IP surveillance cameras found with backdoors built into the code

Firmware patches are being pushed out by Dahua for its CCTV cameras, DVRs and other devices after security researcher shows how easy it is to break into them.

Trump accusation of 'wiretapping' branded as antiquated by MacAskill

Ewan MacAskill says "Trump's tweets suggest he is stuck is a cold-war time warp" and he is out of touch with modern surveillance techniques.

First Investigatory Powers Commissioner appointed by PM

As required by Section 227 of the Investigatory Powers Act, the role of the IPC is to authorise and oversee the use of Investigatory Powers by public authorities.

The Investigatory Powers Act on hold for now due to EU Court ruling

Due to a ruling by the European Court of Justice last December, the government is yet to slurp up data under power given to it in the Investigatory Powers Act.

Cross-device tracking by advertisers and why it's invading users' privacy

Research shows different ways of how advertisers track internet users without their consent.

Two arrested in London with connection with DC CCTV inauguration hack

Two people have been arrested in London in connection with the hacking of Washington DC's CCTV camera network, just days before Donald Trump's inauguration

Liberty launches crowdfunded legal challenge against Investigatory Powers Act

The civil liberties watchdog described the IP Act as "the most extreme surveillance regime of any democracy in history" and is looking for donations to fight the act in the High Court.