Survey deems that mobility drives productivity, but leads to security concerns

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A global survey has found that empowering employees through technology and mobility drives productivity, despite leading to security concerns.

A global survey has found that empowering employees through technology and mobility drives productivity, despite leading to security concerns.

According to the Evolving Workforce Research report by Dell and Intel, which surveyed 8,360 workers worldwide, consumerisation increases productivity in the workplace.

In particular, greater employee input in IT provision, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and workplace flexibility were seen as ways to generate additional employee productivity and loyalty. However, while there is growing awareness among organisations that greater flexibility in employee technology choices can enhance productivity, the research also shows that organisations are still grappling with the security challenges and threats this can present.

The report said that while business leaders are accepting that the arrival of tablets, smartphones and cloud computing creates the need for companies to challenge themselves to be more mobile-led, many experts believe that the convergence of applications across devices will foster an even more mobile dependent workforce in the future.

In terms of employee transparency, the issue with employees regarding IT decisions that affect them presents a challenge for management, with business leaders noting that if any aspects of a company's IT consumerisation policy are hidden from employee view, they may backfire.

From a purely UK perspective, 43 per cent of SMB employees complete their work in a 9am to 5pm schedule, while 56 per cent of enterprise employees work to this schedule. Over half (57 per cent) said that IT problems are ‘a regular frustration'.

Steve Felice, president and chief commercial officer of Dell, said that it was engaging with its customers to understand what the end-user's needs are and it had expanded its vision beyond what device the end-user has to having consultative conversations with its customers about how data is being accessed.

Dell global CIO Adriana Karaboutis said: “With today's increasingly tech-savvy workforce and outcome-driven employees, companies have everything to gain from fully embracing the IT consumerisation and mobility trend that is redefining the workplace.

“Companies are realising that by enabling employees to work from a location of their choice using their preferred technology, they are taking one of the single most important steps in motivating business productivity.”

Ed Goldman, IT CTO at Intel, said: “While reinventing the operational landscape through IT can have a positive impact on productivity and employee morale, we shouldn't lose sight of the challenges that these changes create for the business.

“Every company will need to find the right balance between implementing changes to bring benefits to employees while matching the strategic objectives of the business.”


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