A survey has revealed that 95 per cent believe that the British public and government should support the British technology industry.


Accord to a survey by Ability Software International, the poll indicated that people may not be as patriotic as you may expect with only 40 per cent saying that the British were more inventive as the Americans.


Last year the government announced that funding for research into the science and technology sectors is to be slashed by £80 million, which could result in a shortage of a skilled workforce in this area.


Lyndon Chapman, chairman, Formjet Plc said: “The survey highlights how easy it is to forget Britain's achievements in the technology field. These achievements should be a reminder that we can build on the already established success.


“In the same way that consumers are now becoming more savvy about their choices in the supermarket when choosing food, schools, businesses and households need reminding about technology choices that make financial sense and support British talent. The UK could be missing out on opportunities and the government also needs to change its attitude towards investment in the technology area.”