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UK businesses financially unprepared for cyber-attacks

In spite of the prevalence of cyber-threats facing every business sector, a survey has found that two thirds of businesses do not have a financial plan in place in the event of a cyber attack.

Ethical hackers can earn 16 times a software engineers' salary, report

A recent HackerOne survey found that some bug bounties bounty-hunters are earning more than 16 times what they would have earned as a software engineer in their own country.

More than half of Danish shipping companies hit by cyber-crime

A survey by the shipping association of the CEO panel comprising of 26 senior executives revealed that the majority of Danish shipping companies - 69 percent - had been hit by cyber-crime according to a report in SMN.

Consumers worry about their data, but don't bother much with security

A recent worldwide consumer survey found a major disconnect between general fears about cyber-security and the actions taken to protect not only their personal information, but their families from cyber-attacks.

More staff cyber-security aware following WannaCry devastation in May

If there was a silver lining to the WannaCry attacks it was to raise awareness of the dangers of networked systems and encourage more non-technical people to learn more about malware.

People claim their cyber-security knowledge better than Donald Trump's

A recent study found 63 percent of respondents rated their knowledge of "the cyber" as being higher or equal to the likes of President Donald Trump.

Once bitten, twice shy: ONS stats reveal public response to cyber-crime

Official statistics for fraud and cyber-crime show that cyber-crime is getting worse but the public's response to it is falling into a familiar pattern.

Police need to be better equipped to fight cyber crime

Police apparently don't have the means to properly address the looming threat of cybercrime according to the latest Crime Survey of England and Wales

Survey: Hackers believe strongly in privacy... unless they're paid to crack passwords

Four out of five surveyed hackers agreed that Apple was right to refuse the FBI's request for a backdoor into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. Yet 52 percent said they would help the FBI crack an iPhone's password for a fee.

40% don't realise Facebook sells their data

Some 40 percent of respondents to a recent survey did not know that Facebook sold their data, and half said they would quit if it did. People value their privacy - a lot higher than the market does.

Vaizey urges businesses to adopt Cyber Essentials to combat malware threats

As UK government vows to boost cyber-defences, its own research finds majority of successful attacks could have been prevented by adopting Cyber Essentials.

Survey: Wearable devices most likely to pose IoT security threat

Wearables are the Internet of Things (IoT) devices most likely to emerge as a security threat or cause a breach, according to a new survey by Spiceworks and Cox Business.

UK public approve of Investigatory Powers Bill 'in spirit'

Though deeply unpopular in some circles, a new YouGov poll has shown broad approval for the enumeration of government surveillance powers in the Investigatory Powers Bill.

73% of global brands and organisations hit with DDoS attack in 2015

With the bombardment of DDoS attacks fairly consistent worldwide throughout 2015, it's no longer a matter of if or when attacks might happen, but how often and how long the attack will last.

Biometrics deployed with a fallback password: statistics on false sense of security

Hitoshi Kokumai provides follow-up statistical data regarding "False sense of security" confirming eroneous perceptions exist regarding identity verification when two factors are used but not not linked.

IT pros priorities, in order: 1) Work, 2) Family

Almost two thirds of IT professionals put work before family commitments and have missed important family occasions such as weddings and funerals in order to resolve work issues.

Finding secure advantage in the explosion of exploit kit activity

New survey reveals just four exploit kits are thought to be responsible for 96 percent of malicious activity on the internet.

Hackers target Asian mobile porn enthusiasts with malware

Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese Android users are being hit with an abundance of porn-themed malware, according to a new Trend Micro report.

Cyber-security breaches grow 117 percent in India

A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) claimed that incidents of cyber-security breach have climbed a record 117 percent during the year in India.

Survey shows IT budgets will grow slowly in 2016

According to Spiceworks' "2016 State of IT" report, IT budgets are predicted to increase by only one percent in 2016.

Warwickshire: cyber-crime victim losses £2.5m per year

Survey says losses for victims of cyber-crime in Warwickshire could amount to £2.5 million per year.

Identity theft and fraud still rising at alarming rate

Incidents of identity theft and cyber-fraud are increasing in line with the overall growth in recorded frauds, according to a report by the fraud prevention service, Cifas.

Companies fail to manage BYOD

Only 27 per cent of organisations surveyed globally have well-defined network BYOD policies in place according to new research from Dimension Data.