Suspected members of Phineas Fisher hacking group arrested in Spain

News by Tom Reeve

The Autonomous Police force of Catalan says its officers have arrested three suspected hackers connected to Phineas Fisher which famously breached the Hacking Team.

Police in Spain have arrested three people who may be the hackers behind “Phineas Fisher”, the person or group which claimed responsibility for hacking the Hacking Team in Italy.

The Mossos d'Esquadra, the police force of Catalonia, arrested two people in Barcelona and one in Salamanca. The operation is said to still be underway and there could be more arrests, according to the Catalan newsite

The police were investigating the theft of personal data in May from the website of the Union of Autonomous Police (SME).

Phineas Fisher claimed responsibility for the attack on the Hacking Team, a company based in Italy that specialises in selling hacking tools and zero-days to government agencies. Phineas Fisher released 400gb of exfiltrated data from Hacking Team in July 2015, crippling the company for several months until November 2015.

Phineas Fisher hacked and defaced the SME in May last year and posted a video tutorial showing how it was done.

The Autonomous Police of Catalan confirmed that the arrests were the result of an investigation by its Central Computer Crimes Unit.

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