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More than £4 million stolen from Russian central bank via SWIFT system

Hackers stole £4.3 million from the Russian central bank last year via the SWIFT messaging system, according to report from the bank.

SWIFT framework took effect 1 January

After a bevy of cyber-heists in 2017 - one at Bangladesh Bank that raked in US$ 80 million (£59 million) for the modern day bankrobber, the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework went into effect 1 January, 2018.

Symantec spots malware targeting SWIFT organisations

Symantec claims to have spotted a new campaign that has attempted to exploit SWIFT customers in a very familiar way.

SWIFT adds additional protective measures for members to ensure cyber-security compliance

For the second time this month The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has introduced new standards including mandatory security requirements for its customers.

Swift details measures to increase security of global banking payments network

Swift is rolling out a series of new security measures to prevent another Bangladesh bank heist

FT Cyber-Summit: SWIFT's CISO shares new security strategy

SWIFT's CISO, Alain Desausoi, took the stage today at the FT Cyber-Summit to announce the changes the company has planned to prevent further breaches of its systems.

SWIFT introduces daily reporting system for member customers

SWIFT has introduced a daily reporting system intended to help members of the financial messaging system identify fraudulent payments made over the network.

Trojan distribution methods highlight need for info sharing in financial services industry

As financial institutions scramble to prevent more attacks like the cyber heists that targeted SWIFT members, a recent report offers additional cause for the sector to improve information sharing practices.

Swift reveals banks of more cyber-thefts

Financial institutions advised to tighten security further

SWIFT did not monitor weak security practices of its users - report

Former board members and senior employees at SWIFT, said the company did not monitor or make attempts to improve the poor security practices of its clients.

The Impact of the SWIFT Hacks

Ross Brewer discusses the impact of the Bangladesh bank cyber-attack and the growing problem of stolen credentials.

2 Minutes On: SWIFT - Global banking under attack

Brussels-based SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), which allows 3,000 member financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardised and reliable environment, has recently been implicated in a spate of malware-based attacks.

ICYMI: Brexit, SWIFT heists, Office 365 phishing, CCTV botnets and more Brexit

This week's In Case You Missed it looks at Brexit, Cerber Ransomware, CCTV botnets and yet another heist on a SWIFT affiliate

SWIFT robbers swoop on Ukrainian bank

Yet another bank has been hit via the SWIFT messaging system, this time in Ukraine. This may only be the fifth publically disclosed SWIFT heist, but commentators suggest that there plenty of silent victims

InfoSec 2016: Mikko Hypponen says SWIFT heists 'never seen before'

Mikko Hypponen undressed the recent SWIFT affiliate heists at Infosec 2016

Swift moves to expand two-factor authentication for money transfers

Several multi-million pound heists force Swift financial network into action

North Korea link surfaces in SWIFT banking attacks

If the North Korea link is verified for the Swift heists we may now have a new axis-of-(banking)-evil with nuclear-armed bank robbers.

SWIFT to update cyber-security policies as third heist pulled on user

The SWIFT bank messaging cooperative has announced an update to its cyber-security policies as yet another bank has been hit.

BoE demands UK banks to step up cyber-security after Bangladesh attack

Following the attack in February on the Central Bank of Bangladesh, the Bank of England (BoE) has issued an urgent call to order all British banks to carry out a security review of any computer connected to the SWIFT network.

SEC chief: Cyber-crime biggest threat to financial systems

Hackers could wreak havoc on banks and other financial institutions, claims Mary Jo White

Vietnamese bank thwarts hack made through SWIFT messaging system

A Vietnamese bank has thwarted an attack similar to the one that befell the Bangladesh Central Bank in February and led to the loss of £56 million

The Bangladesh Job part II: the gang strikes again

According to Swift the fingerprints of those behind February's £56 million heist from the Bangladesh Central Bank have been found on another attempted heist.

Bangladesh bank investigators reportedly find three separate network intruders

The investigation into the bank heist that cost Bangladesh's central bank $81 million (£56m) has taken a byzantine turn, as a new report surfaced of multiple hacking groups infiltrating the bank's network.