Symantec announces enhancements to storage management and high availability solutions

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Symantec has announced enhancements to its Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster File System and Veritas Cluster Server.

Symantec has announced enhancements to its Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster File System and Veritas Cluster Server.

Improvements to the storage management and high availability solutions for UNIX, Linux and Windows environments now allows organisations to capitalise on storage technology such as solid-state drives and thin provisioning.

The company claimed that solid-state drive visibility provides complete, coordinated server and storage visibility and policy-based, non-disruptive information movement.

The Storage Foundation automatically optimises heterogeneous storage environments, including those that contain both SSDs and traditional disk storage, and according to Symantec, is the only storage management solution that can automatically discover SSD devices from leading array and server vendors and optimise data placement on SSD devices transparently.

Meanwhile the Veritas File System enables improved storage utilisation by integrating with the thin provisioning ecosystem. Symantec claimed that it is the only solution that discovers thin provisioned storage across heterogeneous vendors, while also enabling automated and online storage reclamation allowing organisations to stay thin over time.

Doug Balog, vice president of system storage at IBM, said: “As organisations increasingly deploy thin storage arrays in order to improve storage utilisation and drive operational efficiency, products implementing instant space reclamation such as IBM's XIV Storage System and Veritas Storage Foundation are setting the standard for the storage industry to enable the online reclamation of storage that is no longer being used.

“Storage reclamation provides a nice complement to IBM products such as Tivoli Storage Manager, which can archive ageing or less used files, creating storage that can be reclaimed and then reused.”

Josh Kahn, vice president of product management, storage and availability management group at Symantec, said: “As organisations evolve to meet changing business needs, they require an optimised storage infrastructure that is dynamic and flexible.”


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