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£19 per seat

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Strengths: An excellent endpoint solution that includes strong administrative capabilities and some great protection features

Weaknesses: Web-based administrative UI can be a bit sluggish

Verdict: Overall a very strong product that represents great value for money

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Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 is a software-based solution that combines many Symantec protection technologies into a single agent-based suite for desktops, servers and mobile devices.

The management server and console components are typically installed on Windows server hosts and can integrate with lots of different versions of MS SQL Server. Client protection agents can be deployed to Windows hosts and a few different Linux variants as well. Installing the management components was very easy and took just a few minutes.

Administration of the product can be performed remotely using a web-based interface or by utilising a Java client. The administrative interface is very slick and offers some great looking dashboard views. Navigation is also incredibly easy. However, the excellent UI was not the most responsive or fastest that we have tested. Rendering some of the objects, charts and datasets can sometimes be a little bit on the slow side. Regardless, it is one of the most attractive and useful administrative web interfaces we have seen.

Deploying protection agents to client computers is a breeze. The solution comes with many of the typical endpoint protection features, including extensive policies for anti-virus, firewall, host IPS, application and device control. An additional licence can also upgrade the agent to perform NAC integration.

In addition to the core protection modules, the agents perform proactive threat scanning by way of a technology called TruScan, which helps to catch additional threats using behavioural technologies instead of signatures.

One feature we noticed is the ability to enforce policies in production or log only mode. Log only mode allows you to simply gather information about a policy item without taking action on it. Overall, the Symantec solution is feature-rich and includes a wide variety of endpoint protection mechanisms.

The accompanying documentation is adequate and contains all of the necessary information needed to effectively manage and deploy the solution.

Basic maintenance is included and consists of email and phone support during regular business hours, as well as access to the customer support portal, knowledgebase and FAQs. Additional support upgrades are available.

At a price of £19 per seat, Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 is great value for money.

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