Symantec has announced the launch of the next version of its control compliance suite to include the capability to consolidate data from disparate systems into web-based dashboards.

According to the company, previously the Symantec Control Compliance Suite collected data into pre-defined dashboard panels to provide a more holistic view of IT risks. However the newest version expands upon this capability with new connectors to automatically collect security awareness survey results from the Symantec Control Compliance Suite Response Assessment Manager.

This will allow a business unit manager to view a Symantec data loss prevention policy violation alongside results of who passed security awareness training and information on the compliance posture of servers hosting its most critical data. It also confirmed that it plans to bring in data from other Symantec solutions, including data on critical vulnerabilities, the latest security threats and real-time file integrity monitoring in future editions.

Ram Krishnan, vice president of product management at Symantec, said: “It is not surprising that the vast majority of organisations are flying blind when it comes to identifying their most critical IT risks. Most struggle with gathering vast quantities of data from multiple tools, collected in different formats and trying to rationalise all this data to find the most critical IT risks.

“Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.5 builds upon previous versions of our solution to help simplify this process so that organisations can achieve greater insight and control over their key IT risks.”