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Sharing economy search volume grows by 70% for UK travel consumers

Mobility is key throughout holiday planning among UK residents, with 38 percent of all UK travel searches last summer being made on smartphones and tablets.

87% of top Apple iOS apps have been cracked

Attacks on Apple iOS devices are rising sharply, with 87 percent of the top 100 paid-for iOS apps now having been cracked and cloned - up from just 53 percent in 2013, according to a new report.

CISOs offered new way to secure Android devices

US and German researchers have come up with a novel way to secure the notoriously flaw-ridden Android - a framework that allows corporate and other users to rapidly add security enhancements to Android devices without having to touch the firmware or operating system itself.

Tesco tablets vulnerable to file recovery issues

Sensitive data stored on Android devices such as the Tesco Hudl can still be accessed even if a user has carried out a factory reset, the BBC has learned.

Is your smartphone really switched off?

"Anyone with an understanding of embedded systems could develop the technology to hibernate, rather than switch off, the handset" - Rob Bamforth, Quocirca

Mobile guidance on encryption/VPN from CESG

The CESG, the security offshoot of GCHQ, has published in-depth guidance for users of laptop, tablet and smartphone operating systems, offering specifics on how to deploy and use the operating systems on a mobile platform.

Android 5.0 to support business features?

Widely reported changes to the next version of Google's Android are starting to make the operation system "look like a professional platform", say analysts.

SC Congress London: BYOD issues remain in post-Blackberry era

Bring Your Own Device is making waves in business, but concerns remain on how employees use personal smartphones and tablets, how they're managed and the laws to which companies must adhere.

BYOD: Protect the device, or the data?

The BOYD focus should be on securing data wherever, rather than being preoccupied with specific devices recommends Dr. Paul Steiner

BYOD puts 'enormous pressure' on IT departments

Bring-your-own device smartphones and tablets are being brought in en-masse by employees, but this is leading to dire consequences for the enterprise IT department, according to a new study.

Privacy & security concerns threaten to derail the Internet of Things

The world's largest consumer electronics event boasts new gadgets, but concerns rise on the Internet of Things.

ICO sparks debate on BYOD security

The UK Information Commissioner's Office has issued guidelines to help data controllers secure work data held on employees' smartphones and tablets.

UK bets big on enterprise mobility, but security and privacy concerns remain

Enterprise mobility adoption is on the upswing in the UK and Europe, but serious concerns linger on security and privacy.

Nasa aims for total device encrytion in a month as it locks down portable devices

Nasa has ordered all data on laptops to be encrypted after one was lost that contained sensitive personal information on employees and contractors.

What have we learned from six months of consumerisation?

It was sitting in a boardroom in the Abingdon headquarters of Sophos where I first heard a word that probably summarises 2011 so far.