Takedown News, Articles and Updates

LeakedSource.com goes offline, allegedly due to a law enforcement raid

A Pastebin post indicated that there had been a raid and all the websites' data had been seized.

Tech support scammers turn to screen locking malware to fleece victims

Attackers have taken it back some ways by using old tactics to pull off new scams

Botnet takedowns: are they worth it?

Botnet takedowns make good headlines and earn kudos for law enforcement and companies like Microsoft but are they worth the time and effort, asks Dan Holden.

Gameover Trojan 'surges' after police takedown

What constitutes winning in the fight against malware, and what's the value of a takedown ask commentators in the wake of Gameover Zeus' bounceback.

Game on for Gameover?

NatWest customers targeted by Gameover Zeus Trojan variant.

Millions are hit by MS' No-IP takedown

Microsoft accused of acting "excessively" - US court order used to take down servers exploited by threat actors also hits servers being used by millions of innocent internet users.

RSA Conference: Doing greater analysis from sinkholed data

Dell SecureWorks has announced plans to enhance its sinkholing of botnets by doing further drill downs into the data, and encouraged others to do likewise.