TalkTalk has pledged to take legal action against music and film companies if they try to use parts of the Digital Economy Act to gain customer details.

Executive director of strategy and regulation at TalkTalk Andrew Heaney claimed that the company will continue to battle against the bill's oppressive proposals as they will require 'secondary legislation' before they can be implemented.

He said: “After the election we will resume highlighting the substantial dangers inherent in the proposals and that the hoped for benefits in legitimate sales will not materialise as fire sharers will simply switch to other undetectable methods to get content for free."

He also commented that unless it is served with a court order it will never surrender a customer's details to rightsholders. “We are the only major ISP to have taken this stance and we will maintain it. If we are instructed to disconnect an account due to alleged copyright infringement we will refuse to do so and tell the rightsholders we'll see them in court,” said Heaney.