Taxis are the most common place to lose a mobile

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Over 55,000 mobile phones have been left in London taxis in the last six months.

Over 55,000 mobile phones have been left in London taxis in the last six months.


The black cab is one of the most likely places to lose your mobile device according to research by Credant Technologies. It also found that 6,193 other handheld devices such as laptops, iPods and memory sticks have been left.


The company sent a warning message to the business community and individuals to be vigilant when travelling with their mobile devices, especially as more people than every before are using the latest range of “must have” mobile smartphones to store sensitive personal and business information.


Michael Callahan, chief marketing officer at Credant Technologies said: “It is clear that none of us are infallible, it's easy to forget things when you're travelling - in the old days it used to be small items like umbrellas, now it's mobile phones and other devices.  It's only when you've lost a mobile device containing all your friends, family and business contacts or your company's data, that you really understand how disastrous it can be.


“If it gets into the wrong hands of a criminal, hacker or opportunist losing your mobile device can have serious implications, so our advice is always encrypt it and password protect it to stop it ever being accessed by anyone other than yourself.”


However of the taxi drivers surveyed, 80 per cent of the cabbies claimed that their owners were reunited with them once they found the device at the back of the cab.

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