Teams invited to register for the 2019 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy challenge

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Entrants in teams of four have until the end of this week to enter the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, taking place in BT Tower 11/12 Feb 2019.

Entrants in teams of four have this week to enter the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, taking place in BT Tower 11/12 Feb 2019.

The competition is wider ranging than most cyber-security competitions as it is designed to identify and foster the next generation of policy and strategy leaders for the cyber security challenges of the future. That includes not just technologists solving hands-on problems during an attack, but also those advising say government on policy and strategy in the event of a cyber-crisis.

The winners of the inaugural competition in February 2018 were subsequently also winners of SC Media UK’s students of the year, with a all female team that comprised members with a variety of discipline backgrounds demonstrating teamwork, technical competence and ability to articulate mature strategic decision making.

Based on the highly successful Atlantic Council framework, the competition is now inviting UK University teams to register for the 2019 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy competition.

Teams of four competitors take on the role of senior advisors to government and industry dealing with a complex escalating cyber-attack with national and international ramifications across government and Industry. Teams first need to assess and understand the technical and strategic implications of the scenario before briefing judging panels of senior cyber-leaders drawn from across the UK and international community.

Competitors have 10 minutes to verbally present their assessment of the situation, taking into account technical aspects, strategy, policy, geo-politics, business needs, communications and anything else that they think the scenario demands and give their suggestions for how to manage the situation. The judges then get 10 minutes to ask questions, then score and give feedback to the teams. The high scoring teams go through to the next round where they face an escalation in the scenario and have to present again. Finalists present in front of a senior panel of judges and all the other competitors.

The competition is designed to provide students across multiple academic disciplines, be they technical or non-technical, a deeper understanding of the strategy challenges associated with cyber security and conflict. Part interactive learning experience and part competitive scenario exercise, it challenges teams to respond to a realistic, evolving cyber-attack, analyse the threats and risks and then propose effective mitigating policies and strategies to panels of expert judges.

Backed by government, industry and Strategic Partners (Atlantic Council and RUSI) on both sides of the Atlantic, the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge drives UK and international dialogue about how to approach the cyber security challenges that we face.

The Atlantic Council website  has further background and the UK competition website provides entry details.

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