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c£7,371 per application per year

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Strengths: Specialised technology prevents compromise of sensitive data through the use of biometrics in applications

Weaknesses: Can be expensive; better documentation desirable

Verdict: Lots of good features, but they come at the price of lifestyle cost

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Triad Enterprise Authentication Migration System (TEAMS) takes a fresh look at enterprise-level fingerprint biometric network security authentication. It eliminates passwords at the application level and enables users to access web-based applications conveniently and securely, while simultaneously preventing the possibility of SQL injection.

The most dominant feature is the inability to create and enrol aliases into the system without administrative resolution.

While advanced, this product is not a quick install, as several factors need to be addressed first. The initial setup consists of several parts, including setting up a SQL Server database, if there is not one already available.

After the database is set up and a user is created, a script must be run to build the data tables. After the server is set up and configured, the client and devices must then be installed on the client machines.

All administration is done using a web-based interface, which was easy to use and navigate.

TEAMS provides solid and powerful integration with web applications to keep data safe, but is not designed to manage Windows logon and will not modify the Windows GINA.

Most of the product documentation is provided in the form of training videos inserted into various html-based help files. We found it really helpful and quite creative. However, we would also like to see some actual documentation in either paper or PDF form.

Triad offers 30 days of premium support at no cost during setup and configuration. After this, customers can purchase standard support at 15 per cent or premium support at 25 per cent of the purchase price.*

There was no website support feature available at the time of writing, but we are told that it is on its way.

At a price of c£7,371 per application per year plus c£61 per standard user or c£76 per VIP user per year, this is not the most inexpensive product on the block. However, we find that it offers a lot of power with some very specialised technology to prevent compromise of sensitive data using biometrics.

* In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.