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CCleaner attackers gained access to app developer's network via TeamViewer

The attackers who infected 2.27 million machines last year using a modified version of the computer maintenance app CCleaner gained unauthorised access to the developer's network using remote access program TeamViewer.

Update: TeamViewer releases emergency patch for permissions flaw

TeamViewer has rushed out an emergency patch to fix a security flaw that could allow hackers to take over other machines during an active session.

ICYMI: Russian cyber-weapons, Sage breach, the skills gap, team viewer and more Snowden

This week: cyber weapons of the battlefield, TeamViewer being used for nefarious ends, an insider breach at Sage, How to close the skills gap and some fascinating insight from the leaker of all leakers.

Here's a free tool to help with the TeamViewer hack

The uncertainty about the TeamViewer breach has many sysadmins worried about steps to take to reinforce their security around this tool, so here's a free script that might help.

TalkTalk TeamViewer users in remote-control hijack 'PC seizure'

TalkTalk confirms that firm does not use TeamViewer, while TeamViewer confirms position of innocence -- problem still exists, move your mouse if you're in a panic.

TeamViewer has potential security flaw, Reddit community in upheaval

The TeamViewer Reddit community is currently in upheavel, claiming that TeamViewer is the cause of their computers being infected and with malware and financial accounts emptied.