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Four things you can do right now to prepare for GDPR compliance

Many organisations need to implement technology upgrades and end-to-end protection to assist them in meeting GDPR's data privacy requirements.

Girls give up on STEM subjects after A-level despite subject rise

A higher percentage of girls are taking A-levels in the three sciences, technology and maths, yet they are still avoiding going on to study the same subjects at university, a study of 100,000 sixth formers by The Times has found.

Why is crypto so slow? What factors are behind such cautious development?

Tech moves fast, but cryptography - the field which holds it all up - runs at a decidedly slower pace, marking its breakthroughs in years, not quarters. With something so inherently important, why would it be so slow to evolve?

Vulnerabilities including remote execution spotted in WDMyCloud products

A GulfTech researcher spotted multiple vulnerabilities In Western Digital's MyCloud products, some of which could lead to remote code execution and unauthorised access.

Agritech businesses in race to protect farmers from cyber-threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise the farming and agricultural sector, but many agritech companies are concerned by the cyber-threats associated with the technology.

Kaspersky says it detected 360K malicious files per day in 2017

A new Kaspersky Lab report states that the company's threat detection technologies identified an average of 360,000 malicious files per day in 2017, an 11.5 percent increase over the previous year, and a five-fold increase since 2011.

Starbucks free Wi-Fi caught secretly mining cryptocurrency

A tech CEO noticed the free Wi-Fi at his local Starbucks didn't exactly come without a price after discovering the network was secretly jacking his computing power to mine crypto-currency.

Two keyless entry door locks vulnerable to unauthenticated requests

A vulnerability found in two keyless entry door locks enables local attackers to lock and unlock doors as well as create their own RFID badges by sending unauthenticated requests to affected devices.

What you can do to defend against the onslaught of zero-day attacks

Implementing the best defences, tools, process and technology can help mitigate an attack and quicken time to remediation. It's important to think about not only the tools, but the process, people, intelligence and technology.

Budget: tech & skills investment welcome, why no mention of cyber-security?

The UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, announced his autumn budget today, and while it was a pro-tech budget, he had nothing to say specifically about cyber-security, hence the industry has had a lot to say about his plans.

Strong tech governance in the boardroom is a must

Senior leadership should pursue stronger business outcomes. Theresa Grafenstine says that becomes a much smoother proposition when at least one board member - ideally several - have expertise in governance of technology.

News Feature: Gambling machine guru Blaine Graboyes bets big on security

Has the one-armed bandit met its match in the sophisticated cyber-thief?

Privacy update: accountability for your data practices. Honesty enforced

GDPR - Process change is just the beginning, but more interestingly we will see new technologies and use-cases being born and blossom that we can't yet imagine says Todd Ruback.

Email security: a technological problem with a technological solution

Email fraud can only be solved using technology to improve what is, and always has been, an inherently unsafe communication method says Nick Yarham. Remove threats & halt fraudulent attempts before they reach the end user.

Google to start encryption shaming

Google will start shaming websites for not encrypting connections between the user and the site itself by telling users exactly when they are visiting HTTP sites

Okta research says slow tech upgrades puts companies at risk

Research from security company Okta is claiming that companies which aren't agile on technology upgrades are putting themselves at risk of cyber-attacks.

Russian students come out on top at international programming finals

A trio of students from St Petersburg State University in Russia have been dubbed world champions in the 40th annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) finals.

Video: Police need to be more savvy in commissioning high-tech solutions

Chief constable Stephen Kavanagh tells techUK's Partners Against Crime seminar that the police need to engage more effectively with the private sector in developing new crime fighting capabilities.

UK's National Unplugging Day 2016 set for 26 June

The second annual National Unplugging Day in the UK will be held this year on 26 June 2016 to encourage families to spend the day from start to finish without any technology.

Does the EU hinder or help the UK tech sector?

Pictfor, the Parliamentary Internet, Communications & Technology Forum convened a panel of guests from all corners of the tech world to consider the ramifications of both a vote to leave the EU and the vote to stay.

GCHQ wants 'closer relationship' with tech sector

Robert Hannigan, the director of GCHQ, has called for a rapprochement of the often fraught relationship between national security bodies and the tech sector.

UK's most recession proof occupations are in technology

Due to the increasing demand of technology across the UK, IT jobs have survived the economic crisis better than any other profession.

Beginning of the end for IT departments

The emergence of services such as cloud computing, data analysis, social business and mobility has brought corporate IT to what market research company IDC has dubbed the "third platform". But Wieland Alge asks, what will the third platform mean for the CIO role?

RSA Conference delegates claim current technology is no longer effective

Standard security technology such as anti-virus, firewalls, intrusion detection and protection are no longer effective.