Teen Hackers News, Articles and Updates

DDoS service's teenage inventor pleads guilty

The teenage inventor of DDoS service Titanium Stresser has plead guilty to selling cyber attacks for money

Teenage Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp members arrested in international crackdown on DDoS-for-Hire service.

Two teenage members of PoodleCorp and Lizard Squad face long prison sentences after an international investigation

Teenager hacks Sri Lankan president's website to protest exams

President told by cheeky hacker to improve his website security or hold another election is he was unable to "control the situation"

Teens arrested for hacking hundreds of key Instagram users

Police say two teenagers made tens of thousands of euros by hacking 'big' Instagram users with many thousands of followers.

Tripwire offers advice on how to teach teens about cyber-security

Recent incidents such as the TalkTalk breach and the breach of CIA director John Brennan's email account have allegedly involved young hackers.